H5P package?


I am currently using H5P on Drupal 8 and would like to try the h5p-three-image library. Although it seems that Drupal 8 H5P doesn't have a developer mode so the only option is to upload files manually in .h5p format. This would be fine but the package that is available on github is not in this format, so I have tried to package it using the h5p cli but no matter what I do I get the error "You must specify the libraries". Is there any other way to get this working in Drupal? Or am I missing something for the cli?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Github link - https://github.com/h5p/h5p-three-image

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris!

What command are you running?

h5p pack h5p-three-image ~/my-file.h5p

executed inside the directory that contains the h5p-three-image directory should place my-file.h5p into your home directory.

However, you may also want to get the source code of the dependencies (and their dependencies) and run

h5p pack -r h5p-three-image ~/my-file.h5p

in order to get a package that contains all the libraries that are required.


Hi, Oliver!

I downloaded a zip-archive from https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-find-the-words and placed it on my PC (c:\users\Andrew\Webstormprojects). I use Git GUI command h5p pack -r h5p-find-the-words-master my.h5p and got the error: You must specify libraries. What's wrong?

Help me to understand,

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Hi Andrew!

You're downloading the zip archive from github, but you need to clone the archive using git (or git GUI). The H5P cli tool expects a real git repository, not just a download of the files.