"Speak the words set" strange feedback

Hi, I don't understand why often" speaks the words" recognise the right sentence but cosider it as a wrong answer ...

Wordpress, windows, chrome. Language French

See picture

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Hi elsa,

Would you mind providing the content here so that we can check?


Hi! I attached the file.

I hope you'll explain to me what's wrong :-)


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Hi elsa,

Did you copy/paste the answer from another location e.g. Word or anything similar? Sometimes this causes issues with formatting (not seen in the editor or the result screen) being carried over to the content. I Was able to make it work after I retyped the answer. It took me several tries my French pronunciation needs practice :-). I attached the the H5P.


Hi! Yes, I copied and pasted it! ok, now I know where the problem comes from. Thank you very much!

Yes :-) French pronunciation is not very easy :-)