h5p not validating on MacBook Pro


I have recently downloaded Moodle to my MacBook Pro.  I'm using it my Mac just to teach myself how to use it.  I have tried to install the the H5P plug in from the H5P website not as a zip that I upload.  However whenever I try to install it gets stuck at the H5P validating, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Frank,

Could you please enable ddeveloper mode under Site administration->develpment->debugging. This provides more details on what could be causing the issue.


Hi BV52, I have done what you said and it is still hanging, I have attached a screen shot.

I'm am having the same issue whereby installing H5P on my localhost (MAMP on MacBook Pro) doesn't work. It stalls at "Validating mod_hvp..." I've tried both the manual install and the automatic install methods. Browsing through the forums I coudn't find a solution that works. All my enviroment components are up to date (PHP 7.2.10, MySQL 5.7.23, Moodle 3.8) and I am using the latest version of H5P found on the moodle plugins database. I have changed the settings of both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size within the php.ini file to 128M. All my folder permissions are set to Read & Write.  Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Sylvio,

Can you check the if you have any PHP errors. Also please turn on Moodle's debug mode so that we can get a better picture of what may be causing the issue.