table borders, etc.

1. A few months ago I created a table that had lines between the rows. Photo attached. It is useful, but now I don't remember how I made the lines appear. For the moment, I am copying and modifying the table to make new tables. Do you know how to make the lines? 

2. Also, I wonder if it is possible to select a column, for formatting it. Only rows seem be selectable. 

3. Borders and background colors sometimes do not 'stick' after formatting. Ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Jeff,

1. If I'm not mistaken if you set the border size to "0" it removes the borders and vertical lines. Alhough this does not show in the editor.

2. You are correct on this. When you try to select a column it actively includes all the rows.

3. There is an exisitng bug report here.


OK and thank you.

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The simple solution to A LOT of content issues is to provide a simple html / source code view. However, I've mentioned this previously and it seems the H5P team does not intend to allow source code view - which IMO is a bit disappointing. I understand that some users are not familiar with html and they can easily break content; but for those of us that are very comfortableediting html code, the missing feature is a bit of a let down.

Hopefully this decision (as I understand it) could be overturned, especially if there's a config setting that needs to be check before the "edit html/source" button would be shown. That would offer both the capability to edit source and satisfy the paranoia of breaking content accidentally.... but then again, people should download or duplicate if they're messing with code so they have a backup that can be quickly restored should there be issues due to code editing.

That's just my two cents - perhaps you can mention this point to the devs? It's a pretty big advantage to have this functionality and I feel H5P is not capitalising on the potential to give users the flexibility of code tweaks.