Copy button malfunction in Accordion

I have created and saved two Accordion resources. In edit mode, when I click on the Copy button to "copy H5P content to the clipboard" no H5P content is copied. 

When attempting to paste into our Moodle text editor with HTML code showing, the H5P content is not pasted. Rather the previous clipboard content is pasted.

I ran a command to clear my clipboard before recopying and pasting the H5P content but no content was pasted at all.

Please can someone assist with this problem as we need to publish this information urgently, and we would like to use H5P to do this if it is reliable.

Kind regards


When clicking on the Copy button in the Accordion, no H5P content is copied.
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Hi Pam,

The copy option in H5P was not meant to paste the content within an HTML/text area. It was designed for an easier way of copying a content into another content (i.e. copying a stand alon Drag and Drop into a Course Presentation). If you want to use the content outside of a course you need to use the embed code which you can retrieve by clicking on the embed button at the bottom of the content.