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I am a teacher teaching science subject. i am completely new in h5p. i want to prepare e-learning content for my students using h5p.i want to know the followings-1. after preparing my e content what i require to use my prepared content for my student in the class.

2. should i have my won website for this purpose.


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Hi bijuneog!

This site is for testing only, so you should have your own system (could e.g. be based on WordPress, Drupal or moodle using the H5P plugin) or you could use which hosts H5P and offers some extra features.

Depending on your choice, you could send your students to a page hosting the content or embed/integrate it on a different site.


I didn't think it is a problem to create a website with such quantity of free hostings today.
By the way, I believe that fonts matter in design! I like tropical fonts!

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It'a a problem since someone has to pay for storage and computing power. That may not be difficult if you pay with your data (Google, Facebook, whatever), but it is for a small company that is even giving the software itself away for free.