the content is not shown on the page


I have some issues to show my H5P content on my page. 

In fact; all the content of my page is loaded and shown fine except the H5P content. After some minutes and after refreshing many times the page, the H5P content is finally shown.

Please see picture attached for before and after to have an idea about the issue.

The concerned page is the following:

FYI; I am using Wordpress.

Could you please help, please? 

Thank you in advance for your support. 

Best regards.



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Hi dido2038,

Do you see any error messages in the browser console when the issue is present?


Hi BV52;

No error messages are shown on the browser.

Best regards.

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Hi dido2038!

There are error messages on the console, pointing to something called rocket-loader and to a WordPress plugin called autooptimize. I assume those might interfere with loading H5P content.



Thank you for your replay. 

I have disabled the Rocket Loader from CloudFlare, ( see picture attached) and I am using now a premium plugin called WP Rocket.

But unfortunately, I still have the same issue( see picture attached). 


Do you have please any suggestion to resolve for this issue

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards.