Portable Content

We are looking to develop an offline mobile solution.

We are making some assumptions but would like to confirm that using the development resources we can create a method  to "export" a package that would play on a mobile device in an offline capacity. Can you confirm that this is possible.

The idea would be to store interactions locally in the app - and once reconnected push them to our analytics server.

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Thank you for reaching out here:) H5P has plans for adding apps for windows, android and IOS in the roadmap, but nobody has started on it yet, so this currently won't be possible.

We currently have an app that provides other benefits to the user, is there a way to do what I described in our own app?

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That will require tens or hundreds of hours of development work.

Hi Admin,

How could I download the interactive content and play offline on devices such as PC or Smart Phone? Thanks.

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Hi Sean,

There currently isn't any offline support. I think there has been a little experimentation with a "H5P Player" as an Android app, but nothing that has resulted in anything.

- Tom