CSS Changes on h5p.com created element


I have a question and since the support doesn't answer by email I'll try my luck here. I created an h5p course presentation on h5p.com and filled it with some interactive video content. Since the design of the different tasks like multiple choice or true/false is always different I wanted to change the CSS Code to make it more consistent. I did this before creating the element on h5p.com locally on my moodle and tested it by createing a h5p element in moodle.

I was good with it but when creating a LTI activity in moodle to connect with h5p.com I saw no CSS change. So I guess the h5p.com element took the CSS Code from h5p.com. Is there a possibility to integrate my CSS changes to the h5p.com element?


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Hi there,

We can't find your email to H5P.com support. I'm sending you an email know to see if we can track it down. There are currently no unanswered emails to H5P.com, and all emails are usually answered in less than an hour.

If anyone else wonders about the same question you're having, the answer is yes, you can modify the css on H5P.com as well.


I´m on the trial in H5p.com. I cant find the button to modify the CSS. is that the reason?



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Hi Play,

Since changing of the CSS can sometimes disrupt layout, these features is OFF by default for all H5P.com accounts. We warn administrators of such potential outcomes before we turn this option ON (upon request).

You can reply to the e-mail confirming your trial subscription to request for the feature or you can send it to [email protected]. Please note that we would have to ask for your confirmation through e-mail prior to turning on the feature.