How to move on in branching scenario without pressing proceed?

We have a branching scenario where the first node is a video. The second node is an image hotspot. How can we make the branching scenario move on to the second node without pressing proceed? 


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Hi erlend,

This is not possible not unless you make changes to the code. The content does not have a code to determine (in your case) if the video is done playing. 


Ok, thanks! So it is only the cross road content type that detects when the video is done playing?

Does it mean that the branching options at the bottom of the content type does not work? Or how is it supposed to work?

I now realize why we are struggling! If you have an interactive video as a node in a branching scenario with a crossrode node following it, you have to click on "proceed" to get to the crossroad. If you have a video node instead, with the crossroad node following it, you automatically get the crossroad question when the video is finished.