XAPI with the H5P Blackboard Service

Our institution recently moved to the H5P Blackboard service. 

Previously I was using the Wordpress plugin for my exercises and so I was able to add a script below the content to collect learner analytics.

Since the move to the paid service I have been unable to do this.  There is a section for Moodle, Drupal and Wordpress in the documentation but Blackboard is missing.

How can I collect H5P XAPI statements in Blackboard?

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Hi Paul,

H5P.com automatically sends the scores to Blackboard. You can read more about scoring below:



This page also has H5P.com related documentation.

Lastly there should be an email that was sent to when you signed up for H5P.com. You can send an e-mail to that e-mail address for H5P.com related questions. Subscribers of H5P.com gets 24/5 support as oppose to the forums which is community driven.


Thank you @BV52 for your response and sorry for the cross-posts, I thought the first question hadn't gone through.

My original question was regarding XAPI learner analytics, which give me a much more granular view of how far the student got through the activity than grade centre scores.  Scores will only tell me which students complete the activity, so I cannot analyse the activities that students are getting stuck on or not completing.

This comparison table mentions reporting under the paid H5P.com option.  Could this be where the XAPI statements are being stored?

If so, how do we access this feature?



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Hi Paul,

Sorry I assumed when you mentioned that "paid service" you meant H5P.com. To answer your question H5P.com provides drill down reports but based on your description it still will not include the data that you need. However if you sign up for H5P.com you can work with the developers on how this can be achieved since H5P.com and the Wordpress plugin generates the same xAPI statements.