Fail to upload any H5P file


When I upload H5P file, I always get error.

  • Warning: ZipArchive::extractTo() [ziparchive.extractto]: Unable to access /home/icon/public_html/example/sites/default/files/h5p/temp/h5p-564bfa065f4fa/EmbeddedJS-1.0/js inH5PValidator->isValidPackage() (line 681 of/home/icon/public_html/example/sites/all/modules/h5p/library/h5p.classes.php).
  • A valid content folder is missing
  • A valid main h5p.json file is missing
  • The uploaded file was not a valid H5P package
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Hi, and welcome to the H5P forum!

Have you been able to upload any other H5P files? It might be a permission problem on your server if you're not able to upload any H5Ps.

Hi, Thank for your reply

So far only is able to upload. 

Best Regards

The rest all cannot. I need help.

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Hard to tell what is wrong here. This might be relevant:

Could you try to install all H5P content types at once and see if that works?