H5P activities (through iFrame or Filter) will not consistently load for students in Moodle 3.5

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There is something up with my server and I'm not sure how to trouble shoot. I'm hoping anyone can shed some light...

We have H5P activities that will not consistently load for students -- a teacher can see them, but the student cannot see it. If the teacher logs into Moodle on the students computer, then the activity can be seen. Once the teacher logs out, and the student logs into Moodle, the H5P activity can also be seen then. Some caching issue? 

I've attached the PHP errors shown on the latest version of Chrome (Mac 10.13)

I have the same issue, and found a lot of topics about the same from other users, but no straightforward resolution yet? 

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The "Authenticated User" needed to have the same permissions as the "student" role, then all worked fine.