English Language teachers: Sharing created Content?

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This is a call to have an H5P forum where teachers of English as Foreign Language can share H5P content they have created.

I have been teaching English in High School for the last 31 years (and had  experience teaching adultas before). One thing that has helped me in my job is accessing and reusing content created by colleagues elsewhere (I have shared mine, too).

I make this call simply because I find it very difficult to find EFL content created using H5P (I understand that it is available, yet "googling" for it has not helped me much). It may be that other colleagues have a similar problem.

Could a forum for this specific topic be created? After all, English is the international language for lots of things, isn't it?

I hae shared what I have done with my little experience using H5P (I hope gain more experince as time goes by).

H5P and Moodle (Elearningworld)

 H5P and Moodle Lesson Resource to teach teens English as a Foreign Language

Learning with Moodle about doing something to help someone else


On my H5P account 




Clicking on my name you can find what I have already created, and what I am still preparing (I have taken the approach of "trial and error" + "using the activities to teach my pupils". I learn from mistakes a lot).

To sum up, it will be great to find created content easily. 


Eduardo Lina




This is a call to have a forum where teachers of English as Foreign Language can share H5P content they have created.
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Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for starting this and sharing your content. There are also plans from the core team to add a global H5P hub to make it easier to share your contents.


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Hey BV!

I know, you can't give a date - but can you give a date? ;-)



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Hey Oliver,

I wish I can but I can't :-)


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In the meantime, I would be happy to share any finished modules on our Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum site at http://courses.oermn.org. If you assign them a Creative Commons License I can post them for anyone who wants to share. 

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Hi! I have changed what I could in "edit copyright" to Public Domain. I did not see where I could assign a Creative Commons License. 

Anything I create with H5P is, I believe, Creative Commons. At least, that is what I mean.

As a matter of fact, I thought that I had to specify whose copyright was because it referred to the videos I picked to create H5P activities.

Some of the latest videos belong in a learning mini-course I am trying to create on a Moodle Platform nowadays. I prefer to do everything right on my H5P account because it seems to me that it is easier for colleagues to find and reuse (even modify) what I do. Maybe it is the same if they are done right on Moodle (Ido not know).

Anyway, I will be glad to share on your Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum site for sure. I am sure I will find the work of colleagues to use with my pupils, too.

Thanks very much!

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I have assigned the H5P activities I prepared a Creative Commons License (where I could find the option). In any case, they are all free to use by whoever wants to. I would be happy to share whatever you find suitable on  Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum site.

Incidentally, the latest activities are part of a learning unit that I am creating on a Moodle Platform Instead of creating the on Moodle right away, I created them on my H5P account because I thought it would be easier to share them this way.

Since the Moodle Platform is a Ministry of Education one, to access it people would need to be either pupils or teachers in our school system, and have a user name and password, so I can't share that platform as it is.