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Hi guys,


Does anyone know if it is possible to get 'Speak the Words' to work on chrome on IOS?

My developer has made it work on chrome andorid browser - however we are trying to figure out ow to make it on the IOS Chrome browser.


I would appreciate any advice!



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Hi oneclickclass,

I'm afraid this is not possible. Chrome in iOS uses the core files of Safari and unfortunately the feature that is needed for the Speak the Words is not included.


Is there another iOS browser that has this necessary feature?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi roe_real,

I'm afraid not, Chrome is the only browser that supports this content. Furthermore Apple does not allow third-party browser engines for iOS devices. So in a

nutshell Chrome in iOS devices is still Safari at its core.


What would need to change, so that safari would support speak the word.

And: Couldnt speak the word be upgraded to run on ios?

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You'd have to ask Apple to support the Web Speech API standard in their browser engine.



Hi everyone,

I'm new here so forgive me if my request is outside the scope of this forum.

Is it possible to have an alternative script or have a plugin that will work similar with speak the word but compatible to all browersers and devices.I use Wordpress for my online language course.

If it is possible, please let me know so that we can discuss about the term.



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There's an Application Programming Interface (API) that's intended to allow browsers to recognize speech, the Web Speech API. That is what H5P Group has been using all along, but unfortunately it is up to the browser to implement that API and especially older versions of different browsers don't. That API is not bound to any specific service (e.g. from Google) but leaves the implementation to the browser (vendor). You can see an overview of browsers that implement the API on CanIUse. I don't think there's a free alternative to the Web Speech API available.

Well, Google chose a Google service for Chrome, surprise. The H5P core team didn't pick any vendor specific technology, but the only openly available common standard there is for speech recognition (to the best of my knowledge). Anything else would be kind absurd for a tool that tries to build bridges between platforms and tries to not require the user to install anything but a browser.

Firefox has had an experimental implementation of the Web Speech API since at least 2016, but never completed it and requires a user to activate it on the about:config page. That's not something one can expect from a user, I guess, so I'd consider this a "no".

Since Edge has moved to the Blink engine/Chromium, it also could support that API, although I don't know what service they would use in the background. Could be Cortana. I can't try due to the lack of a Windows computer but given the information on CanIUse, Edge should support this API meanwhile.

Same goes for Opera.

Forget IE11.

Apple is eventually trying to catch up and taught Safari some of the Web Speech API features in April 2021 - can't verify that though, don't own Apple stuff, but the Cupertino people support that claim. As of Safari 14.1 (MacOS) and Safari 14.5 (iOS) this is supposed to work.