Web-based audio content creation ?

Hi there.. in my experience there are lot of organisations that uses flash to convert Powerpoint with audio in streameable content..
The final results is something that resembles very close an academic lesson, where you have your slides and the voice of the professor in the background explaing the slide..
Text-based slide + audio is also the system used by leading e-learning consortia like coursera or edx.
I found some modules in Drupal that allow web-based recording of the audio, but all using flash or java.
Does h5p support html5-based audio recording ? It would be a wonderfull way to complement the text-based content creation with audio-content creation..
A workaround would be to just upload mp3 files, but having it web-based would be much better for content creators.

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Yes, others have requested this as well. We in the H5P core team will consider this when we revise out roadmap. We'll have to figure out what's needed on the backend to make this happen, but hopefully it will be on the revised roadmap. If anyone want to contribute this feature one way or the other it would be great.

Thank you for the reply. You could consider an approach as this one:
It's nice because it uses just HTML5 (getUserMedia) and javascript (Matt Diamond’s Recorder.js (1) and libmp3lame.js (2) ) to record the user's microphone and convert it to mp3 without any server-side code.

1) https://github.com/mattdiamond/Recorderjs
2) https://github.com/akrennmair/libmp3lame-js

Cool, we'll check out those resources you referred to. Sounds like the perfect aproach for H5P :)

Even better, in Drupal there is now (yesterday.. ;-) ) a module that register directly in ogg using html5: media_recorder (1).
I tested it in Chrome and firefox and it would be nice to have the same feature integrated in h5p content..

1) https://www.drupal.org/project/media_recorder (the 1.x-dev version released yesterday)

Cool, I agree, we really need this :)

Any news on this issue ? I am willing to co-sponsor (very small amount, let's say 50 EUR.. I don't have a company!) to have web audio-recording (slide narration) in h5p::drupal...

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No, we haven't started on this yet. We're mostly working on stuff that are being payd for by customers at the moment, and no companies have approached us yet with this request :/ We're fully booked for december. Hopefully we'll get some time at the beginning of next year.-

hi there.. I saw that today has been released an audio recording content-type. Would it be possible to integrate it into the presentation content-type ?

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Not currently, but probably in the future.

- Tom