Using H5P in email

Hi, I am interested in creating an email course which includes some quizzess and interactions. Is it possible to embed H5P in an email? Thanks

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Hi tanzanite!

It will very much depend on the email client and the users' settings. I don't think it's a viable approach.



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Hi tanzanite,

I would agree with Oliver. Unless your target audience uses the same e-mail client that allows embedded iframe to work it might be too much work compared to hosting your contents using Moodle, Wordpress or Drupal or signing up for


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Hi BV!

Just amending your answer: It's not only a question of the email client allowing iframes. The user has to allow (pre)loading of external content, and I highly discourage people from doing this in general for privacy reasons (user tracking) and security reasons (possible malware infection exploiting bugs). 



Thank you for your response.


You're right. As I thought about it some more, I realise it's best to keep it on my WordPress site


Thank you