Component Updates - Self-Hosted Moodle


When a component type upgrade is available, we find just by clicking 'details > update', that this is enough to update libraries for any new content created.

But for all previous content, we have to edit the content and save for the update to take effect. We have to do this for every piece of content created that uses the updated component.

Is there a better way to update all existing content onto new libraries?


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Hi JP,

Yes there is. In Moodle you need to go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> H5P -> H5P Libraries. In there you will see a list of the libraries installed. You should see a green arrow to the right of libraries that have a newer version install. You can click on that arrow and this will allow you to update all the contents with the previous library version to the new one.



Superb. Thank you! I didn't know this. It's a huge help, Ill try it straight away.