8 Top Tips when making Drag and Drop Quizzes


I use an awful lot of drag and drop quizzes in my work. I also design them for other staff often converting them from static worksheets.


In doing so, here are 8 top tips!

1. Go to Behavioural Settings and change the Background Opacity at the very start - I set mine to 0% as I am dragging in text labels

2. Make Drop Zone highlighting visible only when dragging as it means there is less clutter and more blank space when opening the quiz

3. Make one drop zone then use the Copy and Paste function to copy the others - it means you have the same drop zone size throughout (big time saver)

4. No need for high-end graphics programmes. Use the Snipping tool to copy any images into Word. 

5. Always make sure that the image size you import is as close to the actual image you made in Word

6. Leave space in your image template for the labels - add in a title first (used to forget this all the time!)

7. Landscape quizzes often work better than portrait ones

8. Create your template in Word and use the Snipping Tool to make an image from that


Example of my template in Word - added to, in H5P

The template contains:

  • Border for image
  • Border for missing labels
  • Title of Drag and drop
  • Instructions for both
  • The image being used for the drag and drop
  • (And, in this case, the label arrows from the diagram)

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Hi Gideon,

Thank you so much for sharing this.


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Hi Gideon,

I love your template, especially the way the draggable words are designed. I cannot find the template. Did I miss something?

Did i see a voice option where you can add voice in, i coulda swore i did but cant find it now, or did i imagine it?

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Hi kirkydman,

This is not possible but I don't think you are were just imagining it. It's possible that you were working with Course Presentation and placed Audio and Drag and Drop in the same slide ;-)