Transferring content from one H5P account to another - "how to"

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Hi, I need to transfer 3 presentations I created in this account, to another account (ComWriter) that I share with someone else for a project. Can this be done, as I don't see any way to upload them. Many thanks in advance!

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Sorry, but it's not possible to move content to another account. 

- Tom



Are you going to provide instructions to do this given that soon the 'embed' facility will not be available in and I have lots of content so to transfer.

Thank you

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Hi paddywack,

H5P provides a way for you to import/export your contents. You can head over to this documentation for more details.


Is there a way to transfer content already created in on my to if I set it up using the same details?

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Hi Rey8746,

Currently the only way is to download the content from and upload it into


Open the activity you want to copy select copy. In another window open you second h5p account. In the second h5p account create a new activity of the same type but the first thing you do is go to paste and the activity will paste into the new account. I was able to do this between our university's h5p account and successfully copied an activity into a a account. Since you only have three activities doing this method should work fairly well. Ps there is a warning that appears on the screen during the pasting process but you can ignore it. Don't forget to save the activity after pasting it


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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the hint. I just tested this and it actually works!