Audio functionality anyone?

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Just curious if there are plans to add audio to questions for language learners etc...?

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In our current backlog there are no such plans. 

If this funtionality is something many users would like to see, we might put it in our backlog. Even better: this might be something our community members could create? 

I have an English learning website and definitely need the function to add audio questions - is this in the pipeline yet? I wish i could create it but don't have the technical skills. 


That would be perfect for a language learning website, we need it.


I don't have the technical knowledge to implement audio but also believe it would be a great feature. I am trying to put together a norwegian langugae site and the ability to use audio (ideally on all libraries) would be fantastic. The H5P library is incredibly versatile and can clearly be used in a huge number of contexts however I would say it is particularly well suited to language learning where audio would be a huge benefit.

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Thanks for all the feedback here!

Could some of you describe how this should work from (1) and author and (2) and end-user perspective? I do have some ideas about this - but it would be great to know your perspective!


Personally I would find the feature most useful in the Flashcards library although it would be great to have it accross all the libraries especially image hotspots.

Author perspective: When an author creates a card just as they can currently add an image they should also be given the option to upload an audio file. When an audio file is uploaded the author should then be able to tick an option for 'Play audio automatically when card displays'. If it is ticked then the sound should play automatically. In either case there should be a standard audio icon that a user can click on which will trigger the audio to replay (regardless of it was set to automaticallly play or not). 

This is slightly off topic but it might be worth comparing the Flashcard library with that of Anki flashcards to see the best practice/useful features. Ideally the level of options for the Question should be the same as the Anser e.g. you should really be able to display a Text, Image, Sound (or any combination) as either the Question or the Answer. Ideally it would also have the option to shuffle and to duplicate cards switching the question and the answer around. In addition what would be great would be to have an 'advanced view' which allows a user to add multiple questions/answer pairs from a single screen (ideally with the option to import from CSV).

User perspective: From a user perspective it would operate exactly as before except if audio was included (and set to play automatically) then you would heard the audio when you pressed 'Check Answer' and underneath the text containing the answer there would be a standard audio icon which could be clicked in order to replay (or play for the first time depending on the settings) the sound.

I hope that helps. I am very happy to wireframe it if that would be helpful.



Image Hotspots
User perspective:
Author perspective:



Image Hotspot:


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I see. Thanks a lot. Very useful! We will take this into account when revising our roadmap.

I would find it most useful just to have a question type that can upload an audio file so that based on that the user hears, the user could be asked to do a gap fill, multi choice, or other question type (but gap flll and multi choice are the best for this) . So it would be a listening comprehension test basically.

I really hope this function is coming, it would be so useful for e-learning

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Good idea! Currently it is possible to do something like this in Course Presentation, but a question type tailored for this would be better. Are you envisioning multiple questions of different types per sound track?
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Hey there again! A while back I was the one who started this thread. Cool that there's a number of people interested in audio functionality within a question type.

I run a Chinese learning website for kids and having questions types which allow for audio would be awesome to throw at the kids for home learning. Currently, I'm using the above mentioned workaround, in which I put audio into a 'course presentation' and then place different question types beneath the embedded audio. This is okay but it really would be fantastic to do audio questions where the question pops up, the audio plays and the student must type what they hear, click on the multiple choice answer, or drop and drag the word to the audio they hear.

Ideally, it would be great to have a choice where you could request auto-play when the slide question appears, or the option to turn off auto-play if you want students to press the 'play button' themselves.

I've taught languages for 15 years, so having this sort of functionality would be awesome! I'm sure though this functionality could be extended for other learning topics as well.

Are there any plans to now put this forward potentially for implementation this year?

Many thanks Falcon for be so on top of forums. It definitely goes noticed!

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Thanks febster. There are interests here from people in the community so it might be that we see some progress here. The company I work for, Joubel, is dedicated to improve H5P and participate very actively in the H5P community. Our priority is on improving the features we already have this year. Better user experience, better accessibility and so on. We mostly only add new features this year if someone funds it. We will however also add some very exciting features to the overall H5P framework this year.