Embedded h5p in moodle lesson displays as a URL

In an attempt to embed h5p content to a clients moodle installation, I somehow managed to bungle my own filter settings.  Now the embedded content displays as a URL only, whereas previously it displayed the full h5p correctly.

I now this is a setting in Category: Administration / Plugins / Filters but I can no longer see the area with the list of URLs.  I can see the mathjax and multimedia bit, and also the list of filters,  Where is the relevant h5p setting, and what should the code be to allow h5p content from domain.com/category to be displayed?



Found it under  Site administration / Plugins / Filters / Display H5P / 

with this code..


I don't understand the syntax required.  Is [id] for a specific file or can I use a wildcard for everything on a domain?



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Hi geckonet,

This is the default setting and it should work. Can you check if 'Display H5P' is 'on' when you go to Site administration / Plugins / Filters / Manage Filters.



It doesn't show "Display H5p" under administration / plugins / filters / manage filters but shows it as Active.

FilterActive?OrderApply toSettingsUninstallMathJaxActive?                     Disabled                     Off, but available                     On         Apply to                     Content                     Content and headings         SettingsUninstallActivity names auto-linkingActive?                     Disabled                     Off, but available                     On          Apply to                     Content                     Content and headings          UninstallMultimedia pluginsActive?                     Disabled                     Off, but available                     On          Apply to                     Content                     Content and headings         SettingsUninstallH5P FilterActive?                     Disabled                     Off, but available                     On         Apply to                     Content                     Content and headings          Uninstall
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Hi geckonet,

I think we are looking at the wrong settings. I would admit I haven't embeded from within Moodle for quite some time now. Anyway if you are using the H5P button (red in the screenshot) it will not work afaik not unless we use the correct syntax which after multiple changes I can't figure. However I remembered that if you use the html button (blue in screenshot) remove the default entries and then paste the embed code it should work.