Interactive Video problems in IE and Edge


This is what I did:

  • Exported a PowerPoint presentation as an MP4 video, timing set to 10 seconds per slide.
  • Used that video in an Interactive Video in the H5P Moodle plugin
  • Added several Navigation Hotspots to function as Forward/Back navigation along each edge of each “slide”. Two seconds after the video reaches a slide change, the Navigation Hotspots load with the video paused. The right edge jumps ahead to the next “slide” and the left back to the previous. The hot spots are tall narrow rectangles, overlayed on arrow images in the video.
  • It also includes a Text poster at the beginning and a Multiple Choice question near the end.

The Problem:

Everything seems to work fine in Firefox and Chrome, but not in Edge or Internet Explorer. In both of the latter, after the third or fourth forward click (this number is inconsistent), the Navigation Hotspots appear to stop working, the video plays on without pausing, and the scrub bar and timer do not indicate any forward motion.

Ive uploaded one here to see if the behavior continues outside of Moodle, and it does. At least, it does for me. Works fine in Chrome and FF, but not in IE or Edge.

I have several Interactive Videos in a Moodle course, built in the same way, and all behave in the same way.

(I didn’t create the PPTs, by the way. I was just asked to get them online in a format that could be tracked. I chose Interactive Video Instead of Course Presentation so I could more easily enforce at least a short amount of time on each slide while  giving the users some choice in navigation)

Moodle environment:

  • Moodle v3.1
  • H5P Moodle Plugin v 1.5 (2017083100)
  • H5P libraries up to date, as far as I can tell. The installed libraries page in Moodle shows as follows:

Interactive Video (1.11.2)        0        2   
Interactive Video (1.15.0)        0        2   
Interactive Video (1.16.0)        0        1   
Interactive Video (1.17.2)        25        2   
Interactive Video Editor (1.11.2)        0        1   
Interactive Video Editor (1.15.0)        0        1   
Interactive Video Editor (1.16.1)        0        1   
Interactive Video Editor (1.17.2)        0        1

Any guidance is appreciated. We are currently suggesting the use of Chrome or Firefox.

Loving H5P, by the way!



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This looks like a bug with the navigational hotspot links when used with timecode. I have create an issue for fixing it in the public H5P issue tracker:
We'll try to fix it as soon as we can. Thank you for reporting this.

I really love the creative way you are using Interactive Video in combination with navigational hotspots :)

Thanks for creating the issue - and for the kind words - I am just trying to do my part to keep teachers out of faculty meetings! The example is one of five presentations our state department requires teachers and other employees to view each year (so I had no input or control of the content). Normally, this is done in a faculty meeting with sign-in sheets. Using the H5P Moodle plugin lets us put the presentions in a course in our Moodle site, so teachers can view at their convenience. We are using one of the certificate plugins to automatically issue compliance documentation.

As always - thanks for the great tools and the great support!


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Hi David,

This issue is already fixed by another issue. I.e: it will be part of the upcoming release, which is regression-tested now.

Very good news! Thank you for the quick work and willingness to support.

And just to make sure I understand - will this be an update to the Interactive Video library or to the H5P Moodle plugin itself?

And thanks again!


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Hi David,

This will be an update to the Interactive Video tool, you won't have to update the Moodle plugin.



I seem to be having somewhat of the same problem in IE and Edge.
The hotspots are working for jumping in the content, but not for pausing video. The timeline does not update while video is playing.

Any suggestions to how to fix it?


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Hi, this must be fixed by a developer. I've created an issue in the public H5P issue tracker: You can follow along there to see when the issue gets prioritized and then on the development progress of it.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Hi, has someone tried Interactive Video with caption on Internet Explorer 11?

Captions doesn't appear. 

Only me? 

Thank you


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Hi Roberto,

Please see my answer here.



Just wondered if this ever got fixed only our users are struggling with the hotspots skipping when using edge. 

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I checked the link that Thomas posted above for you. The answer is no.