With some languages it is essential to write words with small letters (e.g. verbs in German). With "Flashcards" there is a problem as shown in the attached file: the written small letter in the editor is changed into a capital letter in the final activity.

Could that be changed? That would be great.


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Hi holzapfel,

Thank you for reporting this. I have created a bug report and you can follow it here.



Hello! I'd strongly like to emphasis Wiebke's point that the capitalisation bug is a major issue when it comes to learning languages where that difference matters. As for example learning German as a foreign language is becoming more and more relevant (I don't want to say "popular" ;) it would be great if the automatic capitalisation could be fixed. Also, the alternative answers option (indicated by a slash) would make this activity type even more powerful.

Hope the issue gets some attention in 2020!


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Hi all!

As for example learning German as a foreign language is becoming more and more relevant [...]

I - as a German native speaker - demand proof! :-D

Anyway, you can fix this yourself if you're running H5P on your own server. You just need to override the .h5p-imagetext:first-letter CSS class and set the text-transform property to inherit, see customizing the visual appearance of H5P. It'd be a one-line change, but if the letter was capitalized in the first place, I assume it happened for a reason and a pull-request would not get through.

As for the alternatives: I'd prefer a | as it's a more common separator of alternatives in the IT world and more seldom used in natural language, so it won't kill use cases where people want "2/4" or something similar to be accepted. Adding this would be a change of one line of code (maybe two if you also want to have a nicer display of the correct solution - and changing the description text for the field in the editor and possible one extra l10n entry for "or", of course), and my offer is: If the H5P core team merges one of my existing 34 pull-requests for other content types into the official code, I'll create another pull request for this one :-)


Thanks for this straightforward reply! We'll definitely give your self-fix suggestion a shot and let you all know here about the outcome. Because German and other capitalsising languages really matter ;)

Using | to separate alternative answers is totally fine with me and I absolutely want to encourage the core team to accept your offer! :)



Hi there,

As promised here's the feedback on the capitalisatoin bug fix Oliver (otacke) suggested. We overrode the line and it works perfectly as far as we can tell - small and capital letters where they are supposed to be. Thanks a lot and fingers crossed for the alternative answer request!



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Hi Stine!

I'll gladly add that feature when I have some time to spare. It's really neither a huge deal nor something that would be feasible for funded work. The overhead would be larger than the effort for coding. If you need more complicated things ...

I was just kidding when I suggested the trade-off - although I hope that the Core Team will find some time to review external contributions soon. There's lots of stuff that's somewhat hanging in the air although some features would be quite cool and some people have been waiting for them for quite some time.



In the meantime a hack to fix it, add "‍" before the text.