Course Presentation / drag & drop task size issue.


In wordpress I seem to be having issues within Course Presentations when using a drag and drop library.

If I leave the task size at its default pixel size all of the Image and hotspots within the content are fine.

If I change the task size to "976 x 549" for instance, the x / y coordinates of the images and hotspots seem to stay correct but the their scales / sizes are off. 

There are no console errors appearing either...

Is this a known bug or just a glitch i'm having at my end? 

Also is there a list of legacy h5p all content type downloads so I can test prior versions as I beleive I was able to change the task size in the past?

Cheers, Tomm


It seems to be an issue getting the font size in the Drag Question Editor.

Around line 97 of H5PEditor.DragQuestion.js there is a variable is set "this.fontSize = parseInt(this.$editor.css('fontSize'));"

This appears to be returning as null undefined for me, I've tried logging out what this.$editor is and don't seem to have any dom elements with the class ".h5peditor-dragquestion"

Hopefully this updated info is of some use.

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I think this issue will be addressed in the upcoming release. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for reporting!