Move contents from one website to another...

I have a lot of H5P content hosted on my site (See: ). I am redeveloping the site on a different domain. Is there a way to migrate my H5P content to the new site? 

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Hi ericupsidebrown,

You can import/export your contents. Please note that the download button has been renamed to 'reuse'.



I would like to move a course presentation form the to a wordpress website. Is this possible?

Birgit Marzinka

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Hi Birgit!

That's what the reuse button in the lower left corner is meant for, yes. You can download your content and upload it somewhere else.



Thanks for your feedback, but the H5P content is on my site and not on H5P. I do not see any way to export that content. See:

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Hi ericupsidebrown,

The button is at the bottom of the content. You will not see this in the list of contents. If the button is not showing you need to edit the content and place a check on 'Display Embed button' under display options.



Thanks. I see how to do that now. Much appreciated!!