Adding a button on Vimeo Pro Video to opne a dialogue box to enter comments


We are just started exporing H5P with Vemo Pro videos and Learndash. We want to know if a button can be placed on video in H5P which can open a dialogue box to enter comment on paricular Video slide. We have integrated that entered comments to BBpress Forum to create a thread. Our problem is that button we can create only in windowed mode outside Video Perimeter only. It the video is viewed in FS mode, we can not show that button as Vimeo Pro does not a have eature to add a button to open a dialogue box.

Can H5P can help us achive this ? Any guidance would be appreciated.


Suresh Agrawal


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Hi Suresh,

You can achieve this by using Interactive Video and placing a free text activity inside it. I have created a simple sample here feel free to download it and upload into your account so that you check how I created it.