Mozilla Supporting H5P


From 2001 to 2006, the Internet Explorer’s global market share was above 90 %, most of it belonging to the infamous Internet Explorer 6. The browser dominated the web in large parts due to the fact that it was an integrated part of Windows. The Internet was becoming a content repository accessible only by Internet Explorer and web site builders were more and more following the whims of the Internet Explorer creators instead of any open standards.

From 2006, through an incredible community effort, most of all in the form of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer was pushed back. Few have done more to make sure that the web is open and free than Mozilla, and they continue the work not only through their own excellent projects like Firefox and the Mozilla Developer Network, but also by supporting other projects that share the same values and principles.

The open source initiative Mozilla managed to reinstate open standards to the Internet, in a similar way H5P aspires to set interactive content free, and give the control and ownership of the content back to the authors through having it stored in an open and standardized format.

We’re very happy and proud that Mozilla is now supporting our endeavours. Through the MOSS program, Mozilla is supporting the H5P Core Team financially and will be funding a huge UX upgrade for the H5P authoring tool. Authors will be able to create H5P content with ease and improved efficiency thanks to Mozilla. We hope to release the results of this work late this year.

We also want to thank Aaron Silvers, one of the great inventors of xAPI, for endorsing us for the MOSS application. Without his endorsement this would not have been possible.