Where in Moodle can we see the answers of the users for the Exportable text area in Course Presentation?


When we create an exportable text area in the Course presentation, it doesn't look like what the user types is saved somewhere. There is no "Submit" button or something like that. 

Is there any place in Moodle where we can see all the users' answers for the exportable text area?


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The idea behind the Exportable Text Area is that when the presentation is done the user can download a document with the answers and then send this to their teacher or upload as the solution to an assignment. Currently, there is no other way of storing this, sorry.

The ability for learners to export their work is fantastic! It would be great if there were an option to make this a part of the submitted work as well. We are working in a context where we would like learners to be able to export their work, but we also want to be able to assess the work that students create in the exportable text area. Are there ways to do both?



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Hi Doug,

This is not possible not unless you make changes to the code. Although I think you are on to something here and a feature request should help for this to happen. In order for your feature request to attract as much interest as possible make sure it follows the below guidelines:


  1. It is clear from every perspective how the feature will work. We recommend describing the feature with one or more user stories, for instance “As an author I want it to be possible to pick between different effects for the check answer animation so that the learners will see a variety of effects and also I can adapt the effects to my target audience(I’ll be using pink unicorns which works really well for both my target audience which are 4 year old girls and venture capitalists)”

  2. If the feature can be illustrated with images or videos it always helps

  3. Make it clear what content types this is relevant for, and or if this is a new content type

Make sure you post the feature in the Feature Request forum.


Like the original poster, I cannot find any instructions on how the Exportable Text Area feature (in Course Presentation) is supposed to work. On viewing a screen containing an Exportable Text Area, it appears as a simple, multi-line, text-entry field -- no other controls or information. How does a learner "download a document with the answers and then send this to their teacher or upload as the solution to an assignment" as described in the above post?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi andcorbett,

The Exportable Text Area has limited features. It only provides a way for students to 'document' something then export it as a .doc file. Those are pretty much the only features of this content type, sending the file is handle through e-mail for example. 


Thank you BV. Should I be seeing a button or other control to export the contents as a word doc? Or is it just copy and past by the learner?


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Hi andcorbett,

There is a button labelled 'Export Text' in the Summary Slide that lets you export the contents as a word doc. I've attached a screenshot for your reference.