H5P in WordPress Multi-site/Multi-Network Configuration

Good day,

I admin a multi-site/multi-network wordpress environment and have recieved a request to install the h5P plugin.

I've put this in our test environment and are playing with it but after reviewing what documentation i  can find i have a couple of questions.
  i have not been able to find any documentation yet that might cover a shared multisite environment in wordpress.

Has anyone tested this type of install with H5p plugin?

My initial thought was to install the plugin and let each individual site admin activate the plugin based on whether they want to use it or not, but I am concerned about Library upkeep.   Any recommended ways to deal with this?

If I continue to go with the individual site activation method, where does new content get stored??  uploads/h5p/content?  somewhere else?  Libraries?  Obviously security of wordpress is always an issue.


If h5p is installed and activated at the network level, can developed content be shared between sites?


Any help or if you can direct me to some documentation that might cover this type of thing would be great.






And a follow on question: is there any way to remove the "disable file extension check" in the libraries menu??



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I know some uses H5P in a Multi-Site setup for Wordpress. Hopefully they will add their experience here.

The newest version of H5P installs the libraries automatically and gives a notification about updating it making things easier, future versions will make this even smoother.

I do not know where things are stored in a multisite setup, but hope others might comment on this. I don't think you can share between sites at the moment. You can obviously use the download and upload features to achieve this though.

Hi Dave,

We're running H5P in a mutlsite environment and are having the same issues. More of are users are simply not tech savvy enough to figure out how to upload the libraries, let alone how to update them. Its a great tool, but this is the limiting factor for us rolling it out across our whole university.

Ideally I'd like the process to be as follows:

1. You network activate H5P.
2. If running a multisite there is a new network admin page called "H5P settings"
3. On this page is a list of all content types and you need to tick which ones are allowed on the network.
4. After hitting 'UPDATE SETTINGS' it would then go and fetch any of the libraries that have been ticked, and stick them on the root blog. All sites within the network would then point at that single set of library files, rather than having to fetch each of the libraries for each blog.

If I have some time this month I'll try and see what is required to get this working - hopefully a simple case of checking if mutisite, and then pointing at the root blog files.


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Thanks for sharing! Have you upgraded to the latest version of H5P? If so, how does the auto installer work in your setup? I did some testing on a dev site and nothing happend there, so it seems the auto installer only works for single sites.

I got the latest version (1.5.5) - don't see any auto installer options. 

I'd be happy to work with you guys to get this working properly on multsite - would be a big bonus. Ill take a look at the code tomorrow


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There is no setting for the auto installer. If you install the H5P plugin on a vanilla Wordpress site it will fetch the libraries automatically from H5P.org and install them. It will also automatically inform you when new library versions are released. We will be happy to work with you on making the work well for multisite setups as well. The auto installer is a temporary solution to make installing and keeping H5P up to date easier and will be replaced by a library browser later which is a gui where you choose which libraries you want to have automatically installed.
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Alex, did you even get something working for this? We have a similar situation. We've got the newest version of the plugin installed, which means that all the H5P libraries are active and installed in the root, but not currently visible to any of our child sites. Would love to know of a quick, simple way to allow all child sites to share access to the single, root library installation without having to upload the full libraries.h5p file to each new site as it's created. Ideas/tips/suggestions?

Hi - we've got this working OK on our multisite in the following way:

- installed on the root blog
- NOT network activated

simply activating the plugin on individual blogs appears to work with the library already being there.


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Cool! thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for the tip. This method is working for us as well. I'm unclear about how library updates will be managed now, however. Will we be able to update H5P libraries centrally now (from the root), or will updates have to be installed and maintained on each of the sites in the network?

This is a good short-term solution, but I'd love for the library functionality to be integrated into the 'network activate' method of installing the plug-in. Is this something you or the folks at Joubel have plans to work on/experiment more with?

Thanks again!

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The folks at Joubel will not be working on this, but instead solve this through the upcoming library browser. Should arrive this year.
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Thanks for the update. Is this the "Content type browser" described as item #4 on the goals & roadmap page? If not, can you say more about what this will be?

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It is. Content type browser is probably a better name. You will be able to install H5P content types via webservices instead of downloading and uploading. You will probably need to have a specific permission or admin role to install.

Thanks for the responses.  We are currently running 1.5.5 in our test environment also and once activated, It is showing that updates are available to the Library from the Libraries page.  It does provide for download and update, but when I used that component I got a blank screen after the update. Looking at what is going on with it to see what I'm doing wrong.


On the comment from Alex about the process.  I think that is a good general outline.

1. Network activating H5P

2. Selecting Content types

3. Central menu that allows super admin to update all libraries.



My only thought on this process is it would be hard for the admin to predict what content type users may want to implement, so we would be stuck with "all" or waiting for users to make requests.  I don't have a problem with "all" and just keeping the libraries up to date.  Might eliminate some overhead in development.



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Blanks screen after the update. I didn't like that. Do you see any error message in your servers error logs? Did you get the new libraries?