504 Gateway Time-out after upgrading the plugin.

I upgraded the plugin from Version 1.12.0 to Version 1.15.0 running on wordpress instance. 

Now after updating the H5P plugin I am not able to upload libraries or upload new H5P.

Kindly help me out fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi surendra_patil,

Most of the time error 504 is caused by the server timing out. You can try increasing the maximum execution time in Wordpress.


Thank You for the update. Issue resolved by maximum execution time.

Hi BV,

Sorry, I do not know, why I could not add new thread, have to post the message in a existing thread. 

We would like to connect H5P with our customized LMS by LTI 1.3, after configure the seeting like below, when access "https://myname.h5p.com/lti/launch", the response is "504 Gateway Time-out"

Any idea about this? or do we have any way to get the H5P server side diagnosis logs? 

Best Regards



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Hi Alex,

Sorry all new posts threads or comments are unplublished by default to make sure that no spam gets through (we had a lot in the past).

Anyway for your issue I suggest that you contact the H5P.com support directly by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Please add information such as screenshot of your settings.