Speak the Words strings

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I want these two red strings of text (https://imgur.com/a/CSG5lXf) to be translated to Dutch. But I can't find it in the H5P plugin(s). Where can I find this?

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Hi Gijs,

It's actually in the language json file. Here's the sample for english, it's on the at the bottom on line 424.


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Great, thanks.

Btw, I try to create a new ticket, but I can't get to the forum. It tells me to log in when I'm actually logged in. I can only add comments to current tickets.. Is that on purpase?

Another question I have: Do you offer something like what (I'll say it very quietly) Quizlet offers? Where you can throw in 100 words + translations and the tool immediately offers 5-7 different games to practise vocab? That'd be great.


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I can't find the file in the regular plugin folder. What am I missing? Where is the library for all quiz types?

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This is what I could find: https://imgur.com/a/m6p4eUG

Hier is the  link to the dutch translation  nl.json.

The file itself should be inside the language map