I would like to know how to give attribution using H5P. I found an OER  and transfered it into an H5P activity.  When completing the Metadata (sharing and licensing info), should I enter the information of the author who created the questions and answers, or my information since I converted it into an h5p activity?

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Hi Wejdans!

That's a legal question, and it's hard to give legal advice especially if you don't know all the details. Anyway: Ideally, you attribute the original author in the metadata for the content that you're creating (e.g. if it's an image, you attribute the author in the image's metadata - the same for video, text, etc.) and you can put yourself as the author in the metadata for the content type. See the example at by clicking on "Right of use": The image is attributed to Adam Wilson, the content type itself to myself.


I do not see a seperate section where I can add myself as the author of the content type just as you did in the example.

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Hi Wejdans,

Metadata for the content was placed using the 'Metedata' button beside the label 'Title'. THe Metadata for the image was placed in the image section the button is beside the label 'Image''.