creat H5P files offline


it's possible!!!


Mon idée est claire; Produire des fichiers H5P sans se connecter ni au site ni à internet.

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What are you trying to tell us?


My idea is clear; Produce H5P files without connecting to either the site or the internet.

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Hi to both of you,

Apologies I was late in approving the comment from abdelali2020.

In regards to the question you can run a setup similar to mine I'm using WAMP and have Moodle, Wordpress and Drupal (7 & 8) running on it and have installed the H5P plugins.



I think we are able to creat a freeware and install it in windows OS all versions.

This freeware will creat directly H5P files,without connection,by using videos,images,text...just put contenent with their parameters and enjoy.

Also,another simple internal interface is required to use on this freeware.

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This already exists:

thank's...thank you for your help!

i use it and give you feedback

I don't know anything in java or php or python...but I will find a way to realise my idea...

I have success to change video and images in an h5p file,without using site

If you are interested,please tell me.

I will creat setup file for my private use only for the moment

I am interested in the same. I use xml to make my classes. I created a XSLT transformation for generating automatically beamer presentations in latex, which I use in the background of my online videos. I would like to process the same blocks to H5P content types I can aggregate automatically.
I have had a lot of online classes to do and I try to automize the process. I would be curious to know about your setup.

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Lumi doesn't support automiized content creation and this is currently beyond the scope of the project. I've experimented with transforming CSV files into H5P packages here, but it only works for "card based" content like vocabulary. If you have an extreme amount of creation work to do, it might be possible for you to extend this program to do the conversion you require. This will still be a lot of effort, in particular if you want to create more complex content types like Course Presentations, and I doubt it will be worth all the effort.

To automiiz we have to extract the contents and their associated files in h5p package, and change its by another's after...for me,it's the good solution to have many course presentations in small time,and I'm still searching to know how can i make it work