audio recorder content not showing - javascript errors


When I view the official H5P site's Audio Recorder page in Chrome I see the audio recorder and it seems to function as expected. On my client wordpress site the Audio recorder is not showing on the page.  I do see there are some javascript errors happening, and they go away when I remove the H5P audio recorder shortcode. 

The errors indicate a security issue that the page is detecting, so that is why it is not showing the content. I'm not sure how to fix this.

I have updated all plugins and theme, and the WordPress Core is up to date.

Audio Recorder not showing on page - javascript errors
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It seems to be your site's Content Security Policy setup that makes it not work properly. I found someone with a similar problem here: For me, it seems the solution is outlined in one of the answers.


i also  have the same proble


i check on the link above :

@JCKodel you have to add worker-src blob: to your csp header and script-src blob: as a fallback.
But If you want to keep it simple just add blob: at the end of your default-src

can you explaint what is it ?