Running H5P on a static site.....

I understand that H5P requires a dynamic site with PHP, but support comments from an admin on this site suggest to me that a cached version of H5P content could be served from a free static site on something like Netlify.



"H5P do more queries the first time you save content, the second time viewing the content there should be no more than 3 to 5 queries depending on the platform. On systems not requiring logged in users, you should be able to cache the page reducing queries to 0 for anonymous users."


The post suggests to me that once H5P content has been used, on a site with no login requirements, any subsequent views of the same content by another user do not result in database calls - so a static version of the site would be able to provide H5P resources to users.


Does anyone on here have experience of the limitations of static site versions of Wordpress and can advise if this is likely to succeed?


As you can probably guess from my comments I am a user rather than a developer so even a minor coding hurdle could be insurmountable for me. I intend to give it a go but it seems to good too be true - so I'd rather not waste my time if there is an obvious fundamental problem I have missed.

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Check out h5p-standalone:

With it you can use any static webserver to display h5ps.

From the title on Github this looks really promising, possibly just what I was looking for. Do you know of any source of info on how to use the code? the readme file gives no indication that I can see.