Error while loading course presentation

Hello Everyone, 

I read a lot about this error, but I can't find the solution. 

Every time when I load the course presentation editor i got errors. 

The hit on F12 from the keyboard shows a lot of rules with "ERR 508 aborted"

I'm using Moodle 3.8.3 with the H5P plugin installed. 
The libraries are updated
The cache is clear

I tried some solutions like the permission ( i read in a topic ) to 777 
Updated the library 
Update the editor with the arrow box (plugin) to update. 

Sometimes the editor works fine ( looks like after some 20 or 30 frustration hits ), 

sometimes I can wait while the time is ticking 

I don't know whats wrong with our installation.. 

The others works fine.. : Find the words, Anitmation, Puzzle,, blah blah.. 
It's only the course presentation editor

Can someone help me please. 




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An HTTP error 508 means that your browser is requesting a file that sends your server into a loop by forwarding to itself. Your should check your server configuration for "redirects" that are going wrong, either in htaccess files or directly in your server's config.


Hi Oliver, 

I understand the redirect problem, but can't find it :-(. 

I tried to reinstall the H5P plugin because we migrated the site to HTTPS. Maybe the issue was http / https etc. 

But i dindn't find the solution. I see 508 and sometimes 255 ( SSL? )

The answer of the webhost is that i reached the number of connections > more than 2845 !!

He also gave me a link with the log file but i have to read this. ( it is a lot of text )..


I will look further, 


grtz .. reinko 


I search  

The .htaccess

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Hi Reinko!

Reinstalling the plugin won't help here if the server is the problem. Yes, using https in addition to http can lead to this problem: Usually an HTTP  redirect from http to https is added in order to lead people to the secure version. If that's buggy ...