"Enable autoplay" starts from the first slide instead of the current one

In presentation content type, adding an audio and selecting "Enable autoplay" make the sound starts from the very first slide instead of the current one in which the audio is placed.
An other usefull option would be an "Automatically switch to the next slide when audio ends".
Alternativly (and maybe better) the "add audio" feature could be joined by an "add narration" feature that adds this two options (autoplay and autonext) by default and place audio controls at the bottom of the slide.

I am playing with audio, but I guess the same could be said for embedded videos.

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Yes, audio embedding in Coursepresentations is not very good at the moment. I hope we'll be able to fix this quite soon. By adding the features you suggest we would remove some really huge limitation to what you may accomplish using Coursepresentation.

I would second both of you sylvaticus and falcon this should be on the wish list as it would be a great tool... will to contribute to this wonderful add-on...

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How would you like to contribute farrisimin?

I am thinking if we can get a qoute to have developed then we can start a community pitch in... well depending on the cost of course each member could lets say could pitch in a 100 $ USD for the developer. .. you can count me in as I am really found of all the hard work... you have done so far... and testing I will test features out... in drupal 7 as I am drupal 7 user not programer. ..

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Hi farrisimin,

What if we take a small part of this first until someone chips in more?

If we add:

1. When you switch slide any audio on the previous slide will stop automatically

2. When you enter a slide any audio on that slide with autoplay will begin playing from the start

3. When you begin from slide 1, only audio on slide 1 with autoplay will begin playing.

This will take us two hours and our hourly rate for shared H5P code is 140 USD. One of our biggest customers is willing to pay 180 USD for this, so if you pay 100 USD we can release a new version of CP for you next week with these features. You pay half now and half when you see that everything is in place. Ok?

Great news I am in .. what's your PayPal account???

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I sent you the Joubel Paypal account in a private message.

first 1/2 delivered ..

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Hi farrisimin,

We have created a new version of the Presentation-H5P, with the following changes:

  • Whenever a new slide is displayed, we pause all audio/video elements on the previous slide. For the new slide, all audio/video elements with autoplay enabled, are started.
  • Initially, we do not start playing audio/video on the first slide. From an UX-perspective, we think we should not start playing audio/video until we know the H5P has gotten the user's attention (and started interacting with it). Eventually, this could really get disturbing if there are several H5P's on the same page with autoplay-audio on the first slide :)

Let me know if you are happy with the result!

Download the new version here: http://h5p.org/presentation

Hi fnoks,

I am really excited to try this out.. I am very pleased with the new addition ...
I completely agree with you about getting the attention of the user to start the activity before playing video /audio on the first slide... Two thumbs up

Looks great much appreciated ..

Hi falcon,
Was thinking of another tweak to the presentation component more specifically the drag and drop question type would it be possible to add an audio part to it for example if its a word the a recording of the word. .. or if a picture a recording of the picture. ..
Please let me know...

Also the audio will be only an image of a speaker the user clicks on it to hear it... not an audio play... button and seeking track...

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I am not sure if I understand you correctly. Where should the audio be placed? Is it like an introduction to the drag-and-drop, or would you like the "audio to be draggable"?

Hi fnoks the audio would be part of dragable content wether it is text or image... the audio is displayed in the form of a little speaker on the bottom right corner where the user will click the speaker to here a recording. .. ... the image below shows a red dot where to have a small speaker image to play the word audio for the word stood...

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I think this looks like a usefull function, but it ain't something we have in our current plan. 

hi fnoks how many hours do you think something like this would take to develop??

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To make sure this will work on all kind of devices, I estimate 8 hours.

hi fnoks I am willing to pickup 1 or 2 hours if we can find more peoples who will be interested in having this developed..

Hi everyone .. any updates on this!!!

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As far as I know, there are no one else willing to sponsor this issue yet.