Trying to add new features (content types) to moodle.

Good day to everyone.

I've been using the H5P in moodle, but now I need to add new features (content types) to the platform, but it onlw allow me to uplod files .ZIP or .H5P. In this case, I've been looking for downloading files in those formats, but it's been unsuccessfuly. In the web site, it send me to download souce code from GitHub. I did it in a ZIp file, but my moodle doesn't recognize it as valid. I've been looking for .h5p files, but I haven't found any. What can I do?

Thank you very much for all your help.

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Thank you very much for the acceptance.

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Hi Edson,

You can download the sample contents and upload it in the H5P HUB of Moodle. You can also just click on the button 'get' in the H5P HUB for the content types that you would like to use.


Good afternoon.

Thanlk you for your advice.

I did it, but now there were some problems:

I tried to add the content types foloowing this process, but I had some troubles. Downloaded the content from the web site, but when I tried to upload them, some error messages appear (The messages originally were in spanish. So, I try to translate the to english. That's why they may not match exactly, but the main idea is for you to understand the situation):

  • accordion-6-7138: Required library H5P.Accordion 1.0 is missing.
  • advanced-blanks-example-1-503253: Required library H5P.AdvancedBlanks 1.0 is missing. Required library RactiveJS 0.8 is missing,
  • arithmetic-quiz-22-57860: Required library H5P.ArithmeticQuiz 1.1 is missing. Required library Odometer 1.0 is missing.
  • chart-7143: Required library H5P.Chart 1.2 is missing
  • collage-3065: Required library H5P.Collage 0.3 is missing
  • dictation-389727: Required library H5P.Dictation 1.0 is missing
  • documentation-tool-3022: Required library H5P.TextInputField 1.2 is missing. Required library H5P.StandardPage 1.5 is missing. Required library MustacheJS 1.0 is missing. Required library H5P.GoalsPage 1.5 is missing. Required library H5P.GoalsAssessmentPage 1.4 is missing. Required library H5P.DocumentExportPage 1.5 is missing. Required library H5P.ExportPage 1.1 is missing. Required library docxgenJS 1.0 is missing. Required library H5P.DocumentationTool 1.8 is missing
  • essay-4-166755: Required library H5P.Essay 1.2 is missing
  • example-content-find-the-words-557697: Required library H5P.FindTheWords 1.4 is missing. Required library H5P.Timer 0 is missing.
  • find-the-hotspot-3024: Required library H5P.FindTheWords 1.4 is missing. Required library H5P.Timer 0.4 is missing
  • flashcards-51-111820: Required library H5P.Flashcards 1.5 is missing
  • four-seasons-3-80289: Required library H5P.Agamotto 1.5 is missing
  • guess-the-answer-2402: Required library H5P.GuessTheAnswer 1.4 is missing
  • image-hotspots-2-825: Required library H5P.ImageHotspots 1.8 is missing
  • image-juxtaposition-65047: Required library H5P.ImageJuxtaposition 1.4 is missing
  • image-multiple-hotspot-question-65081: Required library H5P.ImageMultipleHotspotQuestion 1.0 is missing
  • image-sequencing-3-110117: Required library H5P.ImageSequencing 1.1 is missing. Required library H5P.Audio 1.2 is missing. Required library H5P.Timer 0.4 is missing
  • image-slider-2-130336: Required library H5P.ImageSlide 1.1 is missing. Required library H5P.ImageSlider 1.1 is missing
  • impressive-presentation-7141: Required library H5P.ImpressPresentation 1.0 is missing. Required library FontAwesome 4.3 is missing. Required library H5P.JoubelUI 1.2 is missing
  • interactive-video-2-618: Required library H5P.InteractiveVideo 1.22 is missing
  • memory-game-5-708: Required library H5P.InteractiveVideo 1.22 is missing
  • personality-quiz-21254: Required library H5P.PersonalityQuiz 1.0 is missing
  • question-set-616: Required library H5P.QuestionSet 1.17 is missing
  • speak-the-words-73595: Required library H5P.SpeakTheWords 1.3 is missing
  • speak-the-words-set-example-120784: Required library H5P.SpeakTheWords 1.3 is missing. Required library H5P.SpeakTheWordsSet 1.1 is missing
  • timeline-3-716: Required library H5P.Timeline 1.1 is missing. Required library TimelineJS 1.1 is missing

What (and how) can I do to get and install those libraries?

Thank you for all your help.