Purpose of h5p_h5p_site_uuid


Long time H5P user, thanks again for a greeat product.

We're using WordPress and have cloned an existing site using H5p to a new site. 
We are getting a number of errors when creating new content - specifically it seems to be trying to load CSS / JS files from the H5P/libraries folder that doesn't exist, or is referencing an older content type version e.g. 1.15 instead 1.17.

I *think* it's down to the fact that the saved option h5p_h5p_site_uuid is the same on both sites. I would assume that it should generate a new uuid but because the site was cloned that hasn't happenned, and the library content files have become out of sync.

Are you able to confirm with your devs thats the case? And whats the best fix? I've tried removing all subfolders in the libraries folder hoping H5P would pick up the fact they don't exist and try to reimport then, but that doesn't work.

I can generate a brand new ID for the 'h5p_h5p_site_uuid' option but am not sure that will work either.

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Alex Furr

So I've changed the UUID and still no luck.
Happy to troubleshoot myself and know my way round a plugin.
Could you ask the devs where in the codebase it 'scans' the libraries (in the hub) to see which content types have been installed, and which aren't.

e.g. some say 'get' and some say 'details' (but this is incorrect as the folders don't exist).

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