Integrate h5p in html page

Is it possible to integrate h5p in a html page?
Thank you.

Each H5P has an Embed button below the content itself. Use the embed code to add the H5P to your HTML. 

The embed code currently uses the <script> tag, which is not accepted in some cases. There are plans to use <iframe> instead, but I have no ETA on this.

How to create courses using H5P?

The coursepresentation is probably the closest you get to a tool for creating courses with H5P. I would recommend that you set up a Drupal site or Wordpress site and use H5P in consert with other modules to create your courses. H5P would provide the rich content for the courses and the CMS would combine the rich content into courses, keep track of users, results etc.

We will improve the coursepresentation and the question set modules making it easier to use them to create complete courses, but currently I wouldn't recommend creating big courses as a single H5P.