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Hi, I find H5P's design and wide range of exercices simpy amazing. For that reason, I have subscribed to Opigno, an e-learning platform supposed to be compatible with H5P. However, since the start the star has never appeared at the end of any successfully completed exercices. Besides, though the "show solutions" and "retry" boxes have been ticked the text is not always visible. i have reported those itches to Opigno but the staff seems incapable of understanding where the problems come from. My clients are breathing down my neck and I am desperate for solutions.  Have you had wind of that? Many thanks in advance. 

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I haven't heard about this problem before. Maybe you could try to update H5P? Or are you using Opigno as a service?

Absolutely. I use Opigno to host H5P. I say H5P is a partner ... I wonder whether the problem comes from Opigno or H5P..


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Ok, and you don't have access to update H5P yourself? I would think that Opgino will update their H5P versions soon. I'll try to get a comment from one of the Opigno team here.

Hi Falcon,

The issue is that the retry and show answers do not show up in a quiz context, when taking a quiz. Nathalie has a cloud platform running h5p 1.12 and the latest version of the libraries. In this case she is refering to Fill in the Blanks (1.4.2)

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Ok, then I think the quiz settings overrides the fill in the blank settings. If the quiz is set up to allow showing the answers as you go along the solution button will be shown in H5P. i.e. you can enable the solution buttons in Quiz settings. The retry buttons are not available in the quiz context so that users only get one chance to answer the question.

Hi, May I jump in? I have just been on my platform and the "show solution" and "retry" buttons simply never shows up whatever content type exercices (except for "question set"). So, my clients are uselessly doing exercices as they are unable to  understand why their answers are wrong. Finally, the star, that makes learning fun, has simply never shown up either. There was no trouble on Wordpress. The trouble is that Wordpress is not an LMS...

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I think that in Opigno you are always in quiz mode, so the retry button will never show up. I don't know if you can access the quiz settings and make it show feedback after each question though.

I don't know why the star isn't there. It should appear after you press the check button. Maybe James has an idea?


You're right Falcon. I confirm that all my content types were created in the quiz mode. I'll try the "mix mode" or if necessary "theory mode" to see if this time the "show solution" and "retry" buttons show up.

Concerning the star, I am longing to know how to eventually make it show up...

Hooray!!!! You're my star Falcon. All I had to do is edit the lesson, click on "taking options" and activate "Feedback time after each question". The "show" button and the star issue had been lasting for 2 weeks and I can't believe that it never came to Opigno staff's mind. I'm so relieved! Thanks so much. 

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Great, I'm glad you were able to make it work. Hope this forum thread may help others as well :)

Now. I have just one last minor issue. Perhaps you'll be able to help me out again. My cients and i have spotted 5 dysfuncional exercice sentences. Basically, the client writes their reply (which is correct) but H5P says it's wrong. When they click on solution. The solution shows exactly what the client had replied. I have checked several times and the version look clearly identical. Have you heard of that problem before? 

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I've heard about something like this if special characters are included in the answers/solutions. I think for instance that this character may be problematic: '

Could that be the case here?

That's right falcon. Isabelle has confirmed it to me today in the "Case sensitive" topic. :)

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