Upload H5P problems

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This isn't really a bug in a content type, none the less, I'll report it here as it seems to effect 'Course Presentation' primarily. Using Wordpress plugin.

Creating an activity you can allow the download button to be displayed in the action bar.

When I download a copy of the H5P file, I then want to re-upload as a new copy of this activity with a different name.

Upon upload with relatively small presentation, this works fine and takes a few seconds - a new copy of the H5P is now visible and editable for me.

It I do the same on a larger H5P with more images, slides etc. this times out and does not create a new H5P from the file.

I checked the uploads area and a new ID directory folder was not create either. Other successful uploads obviously create this folder with a new incremental id for it's name.

Any hints? Just looks like it's timing out to me, but it's not a server time-out.


note: H5P file attached


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Thank you for reporting.

There are many server settings that might result in such a behavior when uploaded files are too big, for instance if the file you upload is too big. See our PHP settings documentation page. Are you able to for instance upload a video that is the same size or bigger as the H5P files that fails?

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Thank for pointing that out, I had made the necessary changes, so there should be no issues with uploading files in my server config.

The actual problem was due to some server file caching, which had not refreshed the modificatoins I had made in it's cron cycle.

I empied gnix / php-fpm caches and refreshed, it's behaving to my configuration now. So, everything is alright regarding uploads now, my bad. Although phpinfo doesn't report the correct server values currently, the changes seem to have taken effect.

Thanks for your prompt reply!


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Ok, glad you were able to sort things out!