Build in checkpoints throughout the video with keep going/watch again options

hello H5p community, apologizes as this might be a very rockie question. I'be been searching in the forum and I can't find an answer. I'd like to do something very simple, add a few checkpoints/chapters to a video. At each checkpoint, I want to check with the viewer if the are 'ready to keep going' or 'watch the chapter again'. So far I've tried a few things, the closes one being using a 'single choice set' where I use the 'right' answer as 'ready to keep going' and I use the 'wring' answer as 'watch the chapter again' -then i send them back to the time mark of the previous chapter.- But it's not working for me beaause I don't have a right/wrong answer and i get scores and right/wrong marks when I ues the single choice set

Is there a simple way to do this?

in a nutsheel;

  • Can I add checkpoints throughout the video titled 'Check-in time'

Two options;

  • Ready to keep going - they select this one and video continues
  • Watch it again - they select this one and video replays  the last chapter

no scores, no right/wrong marks

Thank you so much for your help!


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Hi Alex!

I believe the "cross-roads" interaction is what you're looking for.



Hi Alex,

You could use "cross-roads" as @otacke suggested. But I am not sure if this is necessary. You could organize your video settings in a way that learners have full control of the video sequences. I have added a screenshot so you can better understand what I mean.

As you can see in the comments of the image I am a fan of the self-organized (adult) learner. I organize my h5p-settings to get the most possible freedom for learners.



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Hi Peter and Oliver,

Thank you for your suggestions!


Oliver and Peter, I am so grateful for your help. i was stuck and your pricelss suppport has solved my problem. Really grateful for this.