Interactive Book (beta) is not displaying in Android Moodle App

I tried H5P Interactive Book and is so impressed on the results in web browsers. I am beginning to adopt it as my standard way of presenting activities because it is so neat and can contain all other H5P contents. I understand it is just on its beta phase so I just have to enumerate some of my observations. These are some of my observations

The content can not be viewed in Android Moodle App.

You can cut and paste an entire lesson in content (text and image) alltogether and displays them on the edit box (this is a very good feature if developed because it saves time saving image and adding them manually) but after save and display no image appears. I understand you have to separate different types of content to be added.

Images are automatically scaled. I also understand it is for responsiven purposes but maybe it could have an option to specify width and height because even small picture will adapt to the width thus making it appear sooo big in larger screens.

Thank you

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Hi academephilcst,

Can you please check my test content, if you are having the same issue it could be some settings in the browser or another app that may be interfering with showing H5P. If you can see the content please provide a test URL so that we can check.

Where are you creating your content? I tried copy/pasting an image using the same test content an I was successful in doing so.

For the specifying an image width and height I suggest that you post a separate thread in the Feature Request forum.


Just wanted to upvote the issue of Interactive Book content not displaying at all in the Moodle app on Android. I see a blank white page with just the title of the resource. I can however view other H5P content types in my app. I'm using the latest version of the app (3.9.2).