Javascript package to use in a web application


Would it be possible to provide a javascript package of h5P ?

I'm building a web application and I would like to use the h5p activities inside.

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I'm intrigued if it could be packaged as HTML5 and displayed within a web app on iOS.

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I am not sure what you mean by "javascript package". Are you thinking of a "static H5P", where editing won't be possible?


For now, H5P is available for the following frameworks : Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.

I would like to use H5P in a web application.

I'm not thinking of static H5P, I'm just looking for a way to use H5P in a webapp.

Thank you

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H5P's backend consists of a generic php core and a platform-specific implementation (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress). You could implement the platform specific interface for your platform.

Are you developing a webapp using php? If so, a good starting point could be the wordpress implementation.

We are planning to add documentation on how to do this platform integration, but I am not sure when this will be in place. In the meantime, add any questions to the forum!


I'm developping a webapp using Angular JS.

A web application uses HTML CSS and javascript. It works on the client side. It isn't dependant on the internet connexion.

My app to help children learn how to read :

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Hi again,

The H5P-implementation needs a backend with logic, but it is possible to make a pure clientside H5P-viewer which is independent of the backend. Currently we do not have any tools that converts an H5P to be included in a web app (the way you define it). When that is said, it is possible to create such a tool, but we don't have it in our current plan. Maybe someone in the community could create it, with our support?

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Hi, any news with this topic ? 

I'm using moodle and h5p its grate, but now I want to include some activities in my web app (javascript or angular 2) exist any support to do this ? 

If I include in my site an iframe of h5p content hosted in a wordpres/moodle site, I will not able to get xapi statement or some question results right ?

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As I understand your question, you want to run the H5P inside an iframe, and get the xAPI events in the parent document. Sending events from an iframe to the parent means using the postMessage function. You could look at a relevant pull request here.

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Thanks! I'll check it.




Is there any update on this ?

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Forwarding xAPI statements to the parent iframe unconditionally would raise privacy issues, so this will probably not be implemented in H5P core. You'd have to add your own custom postMessage solution.



Hey Arnaud01, can you show me your angular code that will be help.