Video format not supported Safari

  1. It shows video format no supported in Safari, even if I used both mp4 and webm formats. It works on Chrome, firefox and the other browsers.
  2. Moodle
  3. Desktop
  4. Works on: Chrome, Firefox etc. Doesn't work  on: Safari 
  5. H5P version 2020061500
  6. H5P content type: Branching Scenario
  7. No errors shown ( or at least I can't see any)
  8. No errors shown ( or at least I can't see any)
  9. It just shows the original video with the text "Video format not supported Safari"
  10. No changes
  11. No changes

+1 on this as my colleagues and I have replicated the same "Video format not supposed" in Safari ( Ver 13.1.2 (15609. on Mac OSX. Except we're on Moodle 3.9 with version 2019111300 of the Interactive Content plugin.

Anyone can help?

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Hi Everyone,

A link to a test content would be a big help in isolating the issue. I've tested checked the test content here in and it is working fine.


Hi BV,

You can test using Safari on my Moodle test site here:

Hello BV,

Here is the link:

Please start the course, hit proceed and go to watch the write and improve tutorial.

A student user also reported seeing the "Video format not supported" while attempting to stream the video in the Interactive content plugin in Moodle 3.9 in his Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

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Hi All,

H5P, and any other service that uses YouTube videos, uses the embed version of youtube videos in order to be able to display them outside of Unfortunately, since the embed url that YouTube provides does not work on Safari, you have to contact YouTube support in order to figure out why, there is nothing we can do on our side currently, since the problem is the embed video we're receiving from YouTube and it is their error message that you're seeing.