No Summary Slide in Surface Mode

Good Afternoon,

Once you activate surface mode, there is no way for students to reach surface mode, which prevents their scores from being recorded by the LMS (Canvas in this case). It seems highly irresponsible, as I use surface mode to ensure that students are taking notes and not just skipping to the questions at the end of the content and then going back for the answers. That there is no way to record student scores without allowing them to return to the content defeats the purpose of surface mode.

I see that many users raise this issue year after year, but it looks that with years of complaints, no fix exists. Is H5P any closer to correcting this issue?



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Hi TJ,

You do have valid points regarding surface mode. I raised this with the core team on ticket but so far I do not have any information on their plans regarding this issue.


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We are having the same issue with Active Surface Mode! No ability to export text, no summary slide! This needs to be fixed urgently please. I see lots of other users have asked for this. Now I have a huge presentation in Active Surface Mode and cannot seem to turn OFF active surface mode as I will need to reconfigure the entire presentation now. Please help asap. Thank you.