Interactive Book Summary

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I am working on a Moodle platform.

After using an Interactive Book the student can Submit the Summary of Results.

As the creator of the Interactive Book, where can I find those summaries?



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I think as other H5P modules attempts reports that we can see ( In Moodle 3.9) may be we can see this summary too there. I am actually planning to work on this soon. I created but haven't seen the summary yet.

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Hi All,

The scores and answers are sent to the Gradebook. In terms of the "progress" data I'm not sure if there are plans to have a separate report for these.


Hi, where does this data get stored when using it on Drupal?

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Hi bez.lashkari!

There is documentation on that topic at



Hi Oliver,

Am I correct in thinking the progress that appears on the summary page at the end of the book is not stored in the DB? Also Xapi statements don't provide progress data such as book completed / started etc?


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Hi bez.lashkari!

No. The usual suspects should be stored when the student submitted the results (you need to enable LRS content types in H5P's settings). And yes. There is xAPI support for the results, but not for other verbs yet as you can check at