Interactive Book - Next Page Buttons Don't Always Work

I've been developing an interactive book for Moodle.

When I access the book and try to move on to the next page; the next button does not work. Instead it refreshes the page mid way down. The buttons only start to work if you navigate to other pages using the side menu first or when you click next and then refresh the window. Even stranger however is that this issue becomes more noticable when logged in as a learner / student. As a teacher / tutor the problem does not seem to exist.

Has anyone else come across an issue with next and previous buttons? We're trying to make an accessible good looking piece of content and this issue stops that. 


2. Moodle

3. Issue persists across desktop and mobile

4. Have tested on Chrome and Edge

5. We are using the latest plugin version with automatic updates 

6. Interactive book (page in question only has text content but the entire book makes use of images, drag and drop, multiple choice and essays)

7. One error on page load which has to do with the Moodle Boost theme / tooltips but the problem persists across Moodle themes.


Sorry I can't provide more info on H5P and Moodle versions - I'm not an admin. Thanks for any help!

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Hi Jake,

Would it be possible to share a test content's URL? I tried reproducing the issue but I am unable to do so.


Hi BV,

I've included an example H5P file. When accessing the content on moodle as a Student / Learner the next button does not work on the first page. Once you pass the first page the next (and previous) button then works although it can be hit and miss.

It's a mystery...


Thank you for your support!

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Hi Jake,

Thank you for the file unfortunately it I am still unable to reproduce the issue.

It doesn't look like it's the file/content that is causing the issue but something else. Has anoyone tried to test this content? It could be something in your computer that is causing it.


Hi BV,

It's a shame you couldn't replicate the issue however I think I discovered what was causing the navigation to not work. 

I created an example Interactive Book, added content and then tested with each new page. The H5P essay activity seemed to be the the thing stopping the navigation button from working on page 1. I'm not sure why but there we go! 

I'd read on a different thread that incomplete activities can cause strange behaviour so that could be it. 

Thanks for all of your help.


I found I had this issue also -  I have 14 pages (incl summary) and it was between pages 11 to 12 that it didn't work.  Although also hit and miss.

Works sometimes. My page 11, has 3 multiple choice and a drag and drop text 

We use Chrome, and Totara

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Hi Everyone,

This issue still eludes me. I've tried testing different contents one them is overloaded with activities. I suggest that you disable other plugins that may interfere with the content.